Sustain the Hottest Ombre Hairstyle Easily

Ombre hair is a dip-dying hairstyle with a variety of color combinations to choose from. The style is normally characterized by ends that are several shades lighter than the roots. One of the reasons why so popular is the fact that celebrities are in love with it and women with any hair length can wear it. Women can choose whatever color suits them best and there are kits available in the market for anyone who wants to go DIY. The best thing about it is that it is low maintenance without the need for root touch ups anymore, regardless of the color you choose.

How did it start?

The Ombre hairstyle started with supermodel Gisele Bundchen in 2007 when she had her hair dyed in a gradual fade from dark brown at the roots going lighter towards the tips. Ever since, it has been adopted by most A-list celebrities and with no time every woman in one way or another has tried it. Ombre hair is an impeccable hairstyle and to keep it so, there are some rules you ought to follow

Keep your hair healthy

Getting an Ombre look means that you will be bleaching your hair for lightening. This process is by far a more damaging color process than dying. The focus is normally on the lengths and tips of the hair, which are more prone to damage than the newer growth at the roots. It is advisable to get a trim before or after especially for people with dry hair. You should condition your hair with a color-safe conditioner to keep the hair nourished at least once a week.

Do not get drastic with the Ombre hair

If you are considering going Ombre than your natural hair, color is probably the best. If your hair is black or super dark brown, your hair should go soft medium to light brown and if you have light brown or dark blonde hair, you can do lighter towards the ends. Generally, the lighter your hair is the lighter your Ombre can be.

Avoid harsh lines

Ombre should by all means look natural and sun-kissed but harsh lines, where the dark and light color meet make it look like a fake dye job. Most stylists know how to use hand-painting techniques to distribute the strands and make it look blended but if you want to DIY then you should use a toothbrush to rub the color upwards. This will give it a subtle gradient effect.

Tone is everything

A brassy tint might just be the biggest mistake when it comes to the Ombre hairstyle. This is usually a result of using bleach, on dark hair with reddish undertones, which results to an orange-y shade. If you go to a colorist then they will follow up with a corrective toner but if you choose to DIY, you have to make sure you add a cool color-depositing toner to remove the orange tone.

Trust the stylist

It is not entirely impossible to have a good DIY Ombre but unless you are skilled, it is better to leave the bleaching to experts. They will know what is best for you and how best to care for your hair.